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Affordable Pet Dental Care at Alta Loma


Alta Loma Animal Hospital stands as your premier destination for comprehensive pet dental care solutions in Rancho Cucamonga and its surrounding areas. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we offer professional and affordable dental services aimed at ensuring the vitality and longevity of your cherished companions.

Understanding the Significance of Pet Dental Health:

Dental care is pivotal to your pet's overall well-being. Much like humans, dogs and cats are susceptible to dental diseases that can profoundly impact their health and quality of life. Left untreated, dental issues can lead to severe complications, including:

  • Persistent bad breath
  • Excessive drooling
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Gum bleeding and inflammation
  • Mouth swelling
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss

Moreover, dental diseases can extend beyond oral discomfort, potentially causing systemic health problems such as heart, liver, and kidney ailments. Recognizing the signs of dental disease early on empowers pet owners to take proactive measures in safeguarding their pet's health.

Our Comprehensive Dental Care Approach:

At Alta Loma, we advocate for regular dental examinations as a cornerstone of preventive care. During these assessments, our experienced veterinarians meticulously inspect your pet's oral cavity for signs of dental disease, including tartar buildup, gum inflammation, and tooth decay.

We offer a spectrum of dental care options tailored to meet the unique needs of your pet:

  • Professional Dental Cleanings: Our wellness packages encompass professional dental cleanings, meticulously performed by our skilled veterinary team. These procedures aim to eliminate plaque and tartar accumulation, mitigating the risk of dental disease and preserving your pet's oral health.
  • Anesthesia-Free Dental Cleanings: For pet owners seeking a gentle alternative, we offer anesthesia-free dental cleanings administered by our proficient dental hygienists on a monthly basis. This non-invasive approach ensures your pet's comfort while promoting optimal dental hygiene.
  • Full-Service Dental Procedures: Our hospital boasts state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technology, facilitating full-service tooth brushing and dental cleanings with anesthesia. Rest assured, our compassionate team prioritizes your pet's safety and comfort throughout the entire procedure.

Embracing Preventive Dental Care:

Beyond our professional services, we empower pet owners with invaluable resources on at-home dental care practices and maintenance plans. By incorporating regular dental care into your pet's routine, you can proactively safeguard their oral health and overall well-being.

Partner with Alta Loma Animal Hospital to embark on a journey towards optimal dental wellness for your beloved companion. Contact us today to schedule your pet's comprehensive dental examination and discover the transformative benefits of prioritizing pet dental health.

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